Friday Favorites: Music Edition

Hey y'all! 

I know I'm on a "blog hiatus" right now, but it's Friday, I'm feeling good, and I've been listening to some new music lately that I'd like to share.

But before I get into the music, I'm going to give you a brief update on how my novel is going: BLEGHGARGHEAGHSHUUGHHH! Taking time away from the blog has given me a lot of time to reflect and brainstorm, and it has led me to reconsider a lot of things about my first draft. So, I'm making progress, but it's sort of like burning a field. It scorches the earth and looks devastating, but it's better for the ground in the long run. 

On to the music!!

1) Woodland by The Paper Kites

The PERFECT Friday song. A happy, upbeat song that always makes me nod my head.

2) God Help The Girl by God Help The Girl

This song has a serious 60s vibe, but God Help The Girl is actually a musical project by the lead singer of Belle and Sebastian! It is a group of female vocalists with Belle and Sebastian as the accompanying band. Pretty neat!

3) Wildfire by Seafret

Okay, even if you don't like this song (which you should), you HAVE to watch this music video! Super cool idea, super cool song.

4) Be Around by Crissi Cochrane

Crissi Cochrane is a recent find for me, but I'm in love! Every song on her album Little Sway is beautiful.

5) Coffins by Duncan Fellows

Love the folky vibe of this song. It feels reminiscent of Vampire Weekend a bit, and I love them, so it's perfect! The video is kind of out there, but I like the interpretation.

Alright, there are five songs I'm listening to right now, so let me know what you're listening to! Any old songs you've recently rediscovered or new songs you've stumbled upon? Share down below! Also, let me know if you've heard of any of these songs before or if you plan to listen to them!

So Long,