Writing a Novel: Week One

Hi there!

If you’re reading this then you’ve stumbled into my little corner of the internet, and I literally couldn’t be happier! If you aren’t sure what this blog is about yet, then I suggest you click on ‘About’ and learn a bit about me! It’s very interesting! (Okay, it isn’t really, and you don’t have to read it if you don’t want, but there is information about me there that I probably won’t repeat anywhere else unless it is necessary.)

Now that you’ve read all about me…

I’m on week one of full time writing, and it is so so so so much insanely harder than I ever thought it would be! When I pictured myself writing my first novel I saw a fancy wooden desk and a fountain pen. I imagined writing down the entirety of the book from the introduction to the final chapter in one moment of pure inspiration. Now, if any of you have tried your hand at writing before, then this is where you can laugh and point.

Okay, that’s enough!

If you haven’t ever tried writing before, this is where you need to listen in. Take out your pen and notepad, make a memo in your cell phone, or tattoo it on your arm: Writing is hard work.

To be clear, writing itself is relatively easy work compared to being a construction worker or a brain surgeon or a person who cleans up vomit at an amusement park. I sit comfortable on my couch in my pajamas typing on a keyboard, so I have little to complain about on that front. However, finding the motivation to continuously write even when you aren’t sure if your idea is good, when you are tired because you stayed up too late watching videos on YouTube, and when you would rather binge watch every episode of Parks and Recreation on Netflix is really hard!

I’m finishing my first full week of working full time on a novel and every passing day it got harder and harder to be motivated. For so many months the idea for my book floated around in my head and I daydreamed about it between classes and when I was in the shower. My idea was something that belonged to me and no one could judge it or tell me it was stupid or poke holes in my poorly thought out plot. Now, though, after making several plot outlines and doing countless free writes, I can see my book as a real thing that will one day have to go into the world and either be accepted or rejected, and it is so scary! I occasionally feel like my idea is going to be an amazing bestseller that everyone will love, and then I feel entirely certain that anyone who reads will read the first page and set the entire manuscript on fire because it is clearly garbage.

I know I’m being dramatic, but being a writer calls for a little drama, I think.

Overall, week one has been me trying to get out of my own head and get some of my most basic ideas down on the page. Hopefully week two will feel a bit more productive.

Happy Writing,