2019 Reading Goal


Hey everyone!

Despite my absence in the blogosphere, I had a decent last year of reading! I didn’t quite reach my goal of 50 books, but with a new baby, a cross-country move, taking on way more work than ever before, and a somewhat spontaneous vacation to Italy, I’m pleased! It was a busy year, and I still made time to read. However, my “books read” goal doesn’t exactly tell the whole story of my reading life this past year.

If you’ve been around these parts for awhile, you’ll know that I am a huge proponent of the DNF (Did Not Finish). I even wrote a blog post about it a few years ago, which you can find here. I fully believe that if you aren’t in love with a book, you should feel no regrets about closing it, setting it aside, and picking up something else. My reading life is for me and no one else, which means I do not suffer lemons. The issue with this belief, however, is that the many books I set aside are not properly represented in my year-long goal. The hours I spend reading the first few chapters of these books (sometimes even more than that!) are lost.

Is this a big deal? No.

Does it still bother me? Obviously.

I am not a very goal-oriented person. I don’t like to set a lot of goals for myself because, honestly, they overwhelm me. But having this one reading goal really helps me focus my reading and have something to work towards. The issue is that I didn’t reach my 50 book goal even though I know that if it were possible to combine all of the pages from the books I DNF’d into average-sized novels, I would have more than reached my goal. Is this making sense? Probably not. Basically, I feel like I read enough to reach my goal, but I still didn’t reach my goal. It’s a bummer.

The books read goal is not working for me anymore, so I’m going to switch things up in 2019. I’m going to make a “Pages Read” goal. This way, each and every page I read counts towards my goal. I do not have to feel bad about reading a few chapters of a book and then setting it aside. I can just jot down how many pages I read and move on, guilt-free. The dream. Plus, I can also pick up big books without worrying about how it will impact my overall goal. I can read a few of Stephen King’s tomes and some of the classics I’ve been meaning to get to and not stress about how long it takes me to get through them.

I really think a “pages read” goal will be a better reflection of how much I’m reading and will help make it so my reading life serves me rather than the other way around. As of now, I’m planning on a goal of 20,000 pages, but I may increase that as the year goes if it becomes obvious I’ll reach it without issue. Though I want my goal to be achievable, I also want it to be a challenge.

So, that is my large and not very important update.

Do you have any reading goals or do you like to keep it loosy goosy? Let me know! Also, let me know which book I HAVE to read in 2019!

Happy Reading,