How to Throw a Gilmore Girls Revival Party

If you're anything like me, then this Gilmore Girls revival news has been fueling your life the way caffeine fuels Lorelai Gilmore. Amy Sherman-Palladino (the writer and creator of Gilmore Girls) sadly didn't write the final season of Gilmore Girls, meaning that it was basically garbage. So, this revival is going to be the closure that all of the die-hard fans have needed since the show left us with a whimper in 2007. 

The revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, will consist of four 90-minute episodes that will be released on Netflix on November 25th. And you know what that means. You HAVE to binge watch all of the episode in ultimate Gilmore Girls fashion. This means you'll need to learn the Gilmore Girls movie-watching rules, gather supplies by buying all the right snacks, and train your stomach for a smorgasbord of epic proportions. Here are my tips to make your watch party the most successful. 

P.S.: Before we get started.....#TeamJess.

1) Movie Watching Rules
To make things easy, I'm just going to let Lorelai explain it for me. 

2) Snacks
You may be thinking that this is the easy bit, but that is far from the case. Snacks are almost as important as the episodes themselves. Snacks will be there to fortify you when you are weak from laughter or tears (RIP Richard Gilmore) or both. Snacks will be there for you when you get jittery from all the coffee you'll be drinking. Snacks will be there for you when the final episode fades to black, probably with a pan away shot of the girls sitting in Luke's diner drinking coffee, and you need something to hold. Now, when the time comes, do you want to be left cuddling up to a Necco wafer or do you want a Mallomar? Do you want to bite into a bran muffin or do you want an iced donut? Stick with me and take notes. 

A) Pizza.
No Gilmore Girls movie night is complete without pizza. Slather it in whatever toppings you want, just make sure you have some.

B) Red Vines
I don't care if you grew up in a Twizzlers house. The Gilmore's favored Red Vines and, for the purposes of this revival, you will, too. 

C) Pastries
This can take many different forms. A cherry danish, an iced donut, or a Pop-Tart (because they taste like "freedom and rebellion and independence"). Whichever vehicle of baked deliciousness you choose, you can't go wrong. (Though, just to be safe, maybe throw in one apple. Okay?)

Looks like a well-rounded meal to me (: 

Looks like a well-rounded meal to me (: 

And finally, in the words of Lorelai Gilmore, "if there's any impulse buying, make it chocolate."

3) Coffee
I don't think I even need to say it, but...drink some coffee. Tea, you say? Sure, mix it in with the coffee. I repeat: coffee coffee coffee.

4) Prepare for the Pain
After all of that eating and crying and coffee drinking and laughing, you will be feeling the pain. It will hurt. You will likely resemble Lorelai and Rory after they had not two, not three, but FOUR Thanksgiving dinners in a single day. That doesn't matter. You know why? Because Gilmore Girls style living isn't for the faint of heart. 

There you have it. What you need to have a Gilmore Girls marathon that Lorelai and Rory would be proud of. Let me know if I missed anything important in the comments and tell me about how you plan to enjoy the revival of what could very well be the greatest television show to ever grace our eye-holes. Here's to hoping the next twenty-one days fly by!

Oy with the poodles already,


P.S.: Check out the Rory Gilmore Reading List where I list all 339 books referenced on Gilmore Girls. I'm currently making my way through the list, so any books not italicized or in bold are game for Christmas presents! (: ALSO, I will be taking note of every book referenced in the new episodes, so be on the lookout for that post at the end of November.