Things that Should Be Banned Instead of Books

In honor of the last day of Banned Books Week 2015

Things that should be banned instead of books

1) Bad wifi connection

2) People who don’t pick up their dog’s poop in public

3) People who hurt little kids

4) People who say they liked the movie better than the book

5) People who eat weird food combinations and then act like you’re weird because you’ve never tried it

6) People who dog ear the pages of a book they borrowed

7) People who don’t know what they want at a fast food restaurant, but don’t let anyone behind them jump ahead while they ponder the delicate intricacies of the dollar menu

8) People who take a slight variation of the same selfie every. single. day.

9) People who tell you that ebooks are destroying print

10) PEOPLE (humans, not the magazine)

11) Cancer

12) Humidity

13) When your cookie breaks off into your milk

14) Restaurants that don’t serve you a free bowl of unnecessary carbohydrates before your meal

15) Razor burn

16) Running out of shelf space for books

17) Not having enough money for books

18) Banning books

Happy Reading,